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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Desi sex blog : Unfortunately Have Sex With My Son

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Unfortunately Have Sex With My Son
This is my confession. When I looked for net whether incest exists in India, I am 44 years old and I have two sons one is 22 years old and another is 20 years old, the younger one is alright smart and good at education. But the older one is shy nature boy and his activities are like a girl. His walking, talking and expression everything is like a girl. He is very close to me and always remains with me. I am always remaining worried for him.

One day one of my neighbor who is a psychologist suggests me to motivate your son towards masturbation and his nature will change simultaneously. I just stunned by listening all these things. But she showed me one medical magazine in which there is writing about all these things. So I decided to apply it to my son. But I couldn’t say anything in front of him. In the meantime two days have been passed. One day in the day time when my husband and younger son is not at home, I decided to discuss these things with him. So I call him and seat beside him in the sofa.

After a short discussion, I asked him that whether he had ever done masturbation. He told me that he has no idea what is that. I told him clearly about masturbation. He feels excited and wants to practice it. I told him to go to the bath room and do you. But he returned from the bathroom and said it did not happen. I have decided to do it myself. So I opened his pant and masturbated his penis. As he is a very strong boy he holds me very tightly when I am masturbating him. He is excited and it happens within two to three minutes. He enjoyed a lot. Next day in the day time he waits for me when I finished all my work & come to my bed for a rest he come to me and requested for masturbation. I said to him to do it yourself. But he insisted. I do it again.

That day when I am holding his penis, he holds me very strongly and tried to kiss me in my chick I don’ t mind and he kissed my face several times. Next day he insisted again but I refused because I thought he will be tired by doing it every day. So I say no to him and gone to sleep. After sometime when I am in deep sleep I feel something wrong and wake up and see he is totally nude and trying hard to masturbate himself in one hand and in another hand he is touching all over my body. I stopped him and said what you are doing go to the bathroom. But he refused and tried to open my sari. As he is a strong boy I couldn’t resist him for a long time he opened my sari and then kissed me violently all over my body. He even opened my blouse and I am almost nude in front of him.
 I hold his penis and tried to masturbate in order to cool him. At that time he is touching & kissing all over my body. After some time he masturbated and cool down. He went for sleeping. That day itself in the night, as he is sleeping besides me, I feel that he is again touching my body passionately kissing my back. I stopped him and told him that your father and brother are in the next room. So this is not the time. We will do it next day in the day time. Next day he is waiting for me. I come to the bedroom after finishing my work. He suddenly holds me and kissed all over my body. That day I was also excited and couldn’t control myself. He open all my sari, blouse and kissed me passionately all over my body. His penis is going strong & strong. I try to hold it but I couldn’t.

After some time I lost my control and so much excited that I seat on him and pushed his penis on me he enjoyed more than masturbation and ejaculated. In fear I take one I-pill that day and in shame. I couldn’t stop crying that day. I visit neighbor house and said all these things except the last day. She told me that do not feel guilty. All you have done to help your son. Soon he will be improved and during the last three days I watched a change in the behavior of my son. So I consulate myself and returned to home. Next day the same thing happens. He after a good fight overpowered me and do sex with me. He is so strong that I couldn’t break him for a long time. He is a boy of 22 years old with 6′ 4″ tall and strong built up. I am a woman of 44. How can I stop him? There is also a fear in me that he may shout or told anybody about it. This is the 17 day. We have done this about 12 times. I am afraid and thinking of suicide is the only solution.

Now, I am more stable than before. Although my son has not stopped having sex with me but he understand me and listen to me. When I not accept his request for sex, he is not using his strength on me for sex. But that is for one day or two at best. But after that he is crying for sex in front of me. Just open his cloth and stand nude in front of me. I tried to convince him to do masturbation yourself and what we are doing is wrong. I will arrange your marriage to a beautiful girl soon. He is listening to me patiently. But request me that till my marriage, please continue this act with me, otherwise I will be mad. Last Wednesday in the day time, when I go to my bed after finishing my kitchen work he come to me and pleaded for sex, when I disagree he cried and open his clothes one by one and becomes nude in front of me and then pick my hair strongly and inserted his penis in my mouth and after he ejaculates say sorry to me.

Thursday he listened to me. We have not done anything. But today he came to me and pleaded when I disagree and try to talk to him, he promised me that this is the last time; I will do intercourse with you. I will never request you after that. I agreed. He first makes me nude and kissed all over my body and then pushed his penis inside me. But he tried to do sex with me in different angles. He tried to push his penis from my back and he has not ejaculated in quick time as before and continued for a long time. As he is a strong boy I couldn’t resist for long and cried with pain. His penis also remained strong for 30 minutes or more. At last he requested me to please help me to ejaculate. I masturbated with my hand for 10 minutes and then he ejaculated. The main development is that now he listens to me and his girl like behavior is totally changed. He concentrates on his study. He is going to his computer class and coaching class regularly.

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