Mom image taken when i study in 6th or 7th Class

My Mom image taken when i was in 6th or 7th Class , that time i slowly attracted towards my own mom when i watch her sexy legs and bulky shining thigh and also deep naval makes me mad , i enjoy a lot when my dad in marketing tour , that time he cames home in weekend .So that me and my mom and my grand mom all are sleep on our tv room .We watch Tv serials upto 11p.m and all sleep on floor due to bed is small for three person or some times grand mom sleep on bed  but most of the time we sleep together . Grand mom sleep Door side bcoz she 2-3 times goes for urinate in midnight , so I sleep on bed site or middle of both .Anyhow both time i sleep close with my mom bcoz After One bed and Tv table is there ,So room little bit congested for us but we can sleep without any problem . In summer time I get more chance to touch her sexy body parts . Most of the summer time She dont wear anything except saree even she remove blouse,bra and also petticoat ,so that she sleep freely . Within 11p.m mom and grand mom mostly sleep and put small torch light to see their hot body and also i put my leg on my leg and thigh and feel her plump body and also i put my hand on her body parts and enjoy completely whole night .Never i press her body , just put my hand and feel her body softness . Sometimes I ejaculate in my paint one -two times in whole night .

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